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About Us

Marom Moshe Ltd, as it is known today,

Has a rich History that is entwined with the Israeli food market’s History, evolvement and endless spirit of innovation.

This is a story about 3 generations on the Marom Family starting with Avraham,

Who has begun selling Wholesale sweets upon his arrival in the newly founded state of Israel in the 1950’s.

The small business grow and moved to a store on De-Pijoto street

Which was known as the food street of Tel Aviv with many Wholesalers and importers

Choosing  to locate their business there.

Despite the difficult conditions and competition, the Marom business was always known for being the place where you can find all the best foods your heart desires, from the finest and rarest delicatessen to natural and gourmet items all was there in the store.

Store owners, chefs, hotel and catering managers, from across the country were coming to Tel Aviv just to shop in the store and discuss food and innovation with the Marom family which was known for the knowledge, professionalism and honesty of its businesses.

With time, the second generation took the helm of the business when Moshe Marom started expanding  the wholesale shop into a food importing business following structural changes that decreased the lucrativeness of food wholesale.

Moshe was always considered as expert among his clients and peers and in 1996 he used his knowledge and  growing connection network to start, with a partner, a new and exciting Food Import company that was to change the consumption gourmet and high quality foods in Israel.

Marom was quickly importing on a mass scale, what was then, products considered very high end such as Dijon Mustard and Balsamic vinegar.

Due to the approach of making high quality product available to the mainstream audience

And importing the very best of international goods. The company grow rapidly increasing its product range as well as its clientele.

Today, the company keeps growing and evolving. Distributing and building brands of the very best of natural and gourmet food in affordable pricing and in very wide distribution that assists Marom Moshe Ltd. to become one of the market leaders in Great food,great service and great brands.